HS-154R-4X4 Grinding System

HS-154R-4X4 Grinding System The Huffman HS-154R-4X4 Multi-Axis Grinding System includes two grinding spindles and two work spindles on a precise, durable, superabrasive grinding platform.

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With two spindles, the system can more than double the productivity of competing systems without consuming valuable shop floor space. The design is also modular, enabling combinations of one or two work spindles and one or two grinding spindles. This modular approach offers flexibility to employ a variety of grinding wheel shapes and sizes to combine many operations into one machine cycle.

The multi-tasking system opens new doors of opportunity to reduce setups, reduce total throughput time and cost, and to increase quality by combining operations into a single machine cycle. The system is designed to deliver exceptional commercial and technical benefits for a wide variety of applications including medical instruments and implants, flight and industrial gas turbine blades, vanes and shrouds, and automotive components. All Huffman systems are designed with massively ribbed castings and other heavy-duty components to maximize process capability and reliability.

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