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Small chamber machines: PK series

Small chamber machines: PK series

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This universal, compact type of machine consists of a rigid steel design with a cast steel work chamber and integrated vacuum pump set.

All the vacuum valves are integrated with the cast component to minimise the volume and evacuation times.

For changing work pieces, the chamber floor is lowered onto a pneumatic sled or a rotary switch table and brought into the loading/unloading position.

All the required tools and work piece fixtures for a type of work piece are mounted on a separate, coded floor plate for each case. This makes it possible to carry out changes in production without spending a lot of time on retooling. Only the chamber floor has to be swapped over and the welding parameters are accessed via the encoding.

The systems are equipped with low voltage generators from PTR Präzisionstechnik (60 kV). The generator can be installed on the chamber roof or the back side. The welding position is set by moving the generator.

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