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CNC tool grinding machines FORTIS

CNC tool grinding machines FORTIS The economic all-round machine for resharpening and producing

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The new FORTIS from Deckel provides the CNC grinding operator with an economic, powerful and low-cost fiveaxis CNC machine. The FORTIS combines proven Deckel technology with new ideas on economic high-precision grinding.

Patented vertical principle
By its patented vertical principle, the FORTIS offers the user decisive advantages: It is of compact design, optimum stiffness and guarantees ideal movements of its axes. The vertical tool guarantees better truth of running and best user-friendliness.

An integrated dual wheel changer, a modern control system and an extensive software package facilitate economic and yet high-precision resharpening as well as the production of any common types of tools. An operator panel directly located on the machine and provided with a 17" monitor as well as an easy-to-access cabin ensure high user-friendliness.

New machine construction
A sheet steel mineral casting base provides very good vibration damping. Various types of coolant cleaning variants can be integrated into this machine base.
The FORTIS can, by choice, be furnished with a settling tank or a filtering system. It goes without saying that connection to an external coolant cleaning system is also possible.

Extensive software for high demands
The basic version of the FORTIS is already provided with extensive software or complex drill and milling cutter grinding tasks. Depending on your applications, you can extend the software by components from the entire toolkit PROFESSIONAL range to be able to handle special geometries. In addition, this open source software offers certain solutions for particular programs to be used to meet special requirements (e. g. for parts and components).

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