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CNC tool grinding machines FLEXUS

CNC tool grinding machines FLEXUS The accomplished performer in tool production.

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With the FLEXUS, Deckel is launching a revolution in versatility, productivity and quality in tool production. Wherever high versatility with a high degree of automation is desired, the FLEXUS will show you what it can do - and even reduce nonproductive times.

So, for example, deburring, polishing, drilling or milling will be possible in parallel with tool grinding - and any other operation can be added to this variety, exactly to the customer‘s needs, including assembling, measuring and cleaning functions.

The abilities of the FLEXUS are focussed on the machining of highly complex tools such as:

  • reversible carbide tips,
  • drill bits,
  • tool cutting segments,
  • spherical tools.

In addition, the FLEXUS is the ideal solution to a wide spectrum of fully automatic special grinding tasks.

Thus, it is particularly suitable for small to medium size batches with frequently changing machining processes. This grinding centre is available as a single or double machine. The single machine can be subsequently retrofitted into a double machine.

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