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CNC tool grinding machines S20

CNC tool grinding machines S20 Ideal for precise, economic resharpening

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Our S20E "economy" grinding centres offer a considerably better cost effectiveness than many other machines. This is due to their superior technical concept of a modern machine design as a room-saving, stable vertical construction with an integrated wheel changer, heavy-duty drives, and with extremely short distances traversed.

The S20E can be automated without any problems by our low-cost PickUp loader which can take up a maximum of 16 tools. 

Flexibility in automatic sharpening
The automation solution for the S20E has been perfectly adapted to the resharpening needs. The new chain loader system offers sufficient room for a variety of workpieces of various diameters and geometries up to a length of approx. 170 mm. A swivelling gripper can (variably) take up tools with diameters in the range from 5 to 25 mm.

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