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S0 - the proven basic model

S0 - the proven basic model This small powerful machine is very tough - even after many years in the workshop. New: The handle for index head rotation and microscope.

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The S0 is our proven basic model, whose careful finish and solid machine design guarantee long-term precision - even after being through many years of hard workshop use.

With the S0, you can grind single-lip cutters with any shapes of cutting edges, punches, twist drills, turning and shaper tools, feelers, centre points, electrodes and a lot more items.

Such obtainable multitude of shapes is based on versatile swivelling and adjusting possibilities and their ease of operation.

Measuring microscope
With a magnification of 1:20, it is particularly suitable for smaller tools with narrow tolerances, can be left attached during the grinding process and, in addition, gives information on the surface quality of the cutting edge.

Tool holder
The practical holder for rectangular and square tools up to 20 mm in height. With clamp holder for reversible carbide tips. Ideal for producing and resharpening turning and profile tools.

Just to slip onto the indexing head and to facilitate quick and easy cylindrical grinding without going into contortions.

Twist drill grinding attachment
A useful device for grinding 3 to 18 mm diameter twist drills with point angles from 90 to approx. 120°. Relief angle adjustable as desired.

Proven "DECKEL" design with 20 mm shank diameter and S20x2 buttress screw thread.
Clamping range: 0.5 to 18.0 mm (in increments of 0.5 mm), inch sizes, and as square collets.

Dust exhaust system
With the standard dust protection hood, the retrofitting of an efficient dust exhaust system is no problem. Available as a standard model or a special dust exhaust system for carbide dust; complete with 38 mm diameter suction hose.

Other accessories
Halogen lamp / grinding wheels / grinding wheel attachment chuck / dressing diamond / manual diamond lapping tool / collet stop / dust extraction spare filter / grinding grease / power supply cord with plug

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