RX7: The Compact Manufacturing Machine

RX7: The Compact Manufacturing Machine The RX7 CNC tool and cutter grinder is a compact tool manufacturing machine. Don’t be deceived by its small footprint as it has the power, strength and working envelope usually attributed to a much larger machine.

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Precision, productivity, versatility and confidence

These are ANCA's core values, and they are built into every ANCA machine. These core values ensure the RX7 matches and exceeds today's demand in CNC tool grinding.

Fast cycle times for increased productivity.
Precision in terms of accuracy and surface finish.
Versatility for a wide range of tasks.
Machine quality that gives you confidence in your investment.

At a glance

  • Compact with strength, power and versatility.
  • ANCA RX7 is a compact manufacturing machine with strength, power and versatility.
  • It is equally efficient for single-tool as well as volume production.
  • Ideal for both manufacturing and sharpening applications.
  • Variety of automatic tool loading options available, to suit different industry demands.
  • Wide range of work holding and support tooling to meet individual needs.
  • Double-ended spindle gives the freedom of using up to eight grinding wheels on a single job.
  • Removable coolant manifolds allow wheels and coolant pipes to be set-up off the machine reducing change-over times.
  • Optional wheel changer making 6 wheel packs available for increased versatility.
  • All axes and spindles are direct drive - no belts or pulleys.
  • Software flexibility enables RX7 to be used for a wide range of applications.
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