GX7: The Cost-Effective Sharpening Machine

GX7: The Cost-Effective Sharpening Machine ANCA's GX7 CNC tool and cutter grinder is an entry-level sharpening machine. It offers both flexibility and speed to tackle a wide range of different high precision cutting and drilling tools in one set-up. It is equally productive on single-tool jobs as well as on batch tools of different types and geometries.

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Being based on the RX7, the GX7 has proven pedigree, which makes it the perfect sharpening package for the toughest tool shop requirements.

At a glance

  • An ideal match for the requirements of sharpening businesses.
  • Flexibility and speed to handle a range of different tools in one set-up.
  • High-level ergonomics for optimal operator access.
  • A wide range of tooling accessories including automatic tool loading.
  • ANCA indsutry-proven software and technology.
  • 9.5 kW (12.7 HP) spindle

GX7 Wheel Changer

To take the GX7 to a higher level of versatility, the machine is available with a seven-station wheel changer, and is known as a GX7+.The wheel changer gives the operator greater diversity in grinding applications as there is now a greater number of accessible wheels to choose from. This is particularly useful when used with an autoloader. The GX7+ also comes with a single-ended HSK32E spindle for precise arbor location.

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