Aviation Requirement: Bevel gear sets used in aviation applications have to meet highest pitch and spacing quality (DIN Class 1-3) and reliability standards. Equally important are also other aspects like surface finish, root fillet radius, low transmission error, high strength and low weight. The fundamental challenge is to get an acceptable ease-off design from respective software system and to identify the right machines to deliver the quality requirements stated before.

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Aviation gears are typically produced with face milling process in soft stage and finished by grinding to achieve good surface finish and topography corresponding to design nominals. Auxiliary drive gears are normally below 200 mm pitch diameter and main drives as in helicopters fall in 400-800 mm pitch diameter. With Klingelnberg C 29 and C50 machines, majority of aviation applications are aptly covered for soft stage manufacturing. Only Klingelnberg has been able to address the niche requirement of the aviation industry to finish grind concave and convex flanks using separate machine settings in a single chucking. Klingelnberg offers the unique two spindle G30 machine for this segment. The G27 and G60 machines are ideally suited for finish grinding of aviation gears thanks to their vertical concept which ensures efficient disposal of grinding swarf and stable grinding results. It goes without saying that the machines are fully integrated in the Klingelnberg ‘closed-loop' system.

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