Compressor technology

Compressor technology Requirement: Rotor and worm grinding machines represent a special application category where a single machine concept is used to address the needs of two exclusive market segments. Rotors are used in compressor applications all over the world. Worms are used in industrial reduction gear boxes and in drive systems for applications like machine tools. Both applications demand high efficiency and reliability under demanding operating conditions. While the worm is a clearly defined geometrical form, the rotor profile is the collection of a number of complex curves arranged along the depth of a winding lobe. The performance of the rotor or the worm is mainly determined by the profile accuracy, surface quality, lead and pitch errors.

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Form grinding technology used on Klingelnberg H-series machines comprehensively addresses the requirements of high quality production in flexible lot sizes. High rigidity of the machine, water cooled CNC dual dressing spindle, in-house manufactured grinding spindle bearings for highest accuracy and an easy to operate software system are some of the key features which set Klingelnberg as a market leader in this category. With our ROTOS and PERSID software package it is possible to manufacture rotors in a ‘closed-loop' environment to ensure error free production. With the complementing measuring technology also coming from Klingelnberg, customers benefit from a ‘one stop solution' covering all aspects of production and quality control.

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