Industrial gear units

Industrial gear units Requirement: The industrial segment represents a wide range of applications where reliability of bevel gears is the key requirement. The size of the gear sets can vary between 300-2000 mm pitch diameters. Industrial gear boxes, pulverisers, conveyor drives, transportation systems, marine drives etc. are some of the applications that represent the industrial sector. The gears used in such applications are typically manufactured by job shops that specialise in small batch production over large varieties. Rigid machine construction, flexibility and economics of production are the key factors that define the leading technology for this market.

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The batch size holds the key to deciding on the manufacturing process in this industry. Klingelnberg Cyclo-Palloid system offers the most flexible and economical solution for small batch production of bevel gears. The universal range of machines consist of C40U, C60U and C100U which between them cover application range up to 1000 mm pitch diameters. Gear sets up to 2000 mm pitch diameter can be economically produced on the GMC160 machining centres. The ‘one machine - two process' concept allows the soft cutting as well as the post heat treated hard cutting on the same machine, there by reducing upfront investment for customers. The hard cutting process (called HPG-S) can deliver DIN6 quality or better in regular production. This unique solution is the only one of its kind available in the market and can be utilised in all market segments like industrial gear boxes, marine drives, conveyors, pulverisers etc. With sturdy machine design, flexible tooling system and the gear technology that is completely integrated into the KIMOS based closed-loop, Klingelnberg meets all demands of this important niche market.

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