Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology Requirements: In agricultural applications such as tractors, spiral bevel gears are built into the rear axles. Harvesters and hay machines use straight bevel gears to enable the corresponding functions. Whereas the bevel gear set in a tractor rear axle drive must transmit up to 250 kW, the loads on straight bevel gears are comparably low. During production, the same methods are used as for commercial vehicles. The most important market requirement for straight bevel gears is a modern production solution that is cost-efficient.

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With Hypoflex, Klingelnberg has developed a unique, computer-aided production method for straight bevel gears. Now for the first time, straight bevel gears can be produced in a dry cutting process that is fully integrated into the closed-loop concept. This puts Hypoflex on par with the standard of gear-cutting technology used in the automotive industry.

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