Mach 2b Waterjet Models

Mach 2b Waterjet Models Our Mach 2b waterjet is ideal for abrasive waterjet cutting. Its robust table allows for more access to your work piece, making loading and unloading your materials easy.

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Mach 2b Models: 

  • 1005b
    Work envelope:  1.0m x 0.5m (3.3ft x 1.6ft)
  • 1313b
    Work envelope:  1.30m x 1.30m (4.3ft x 4.3ft)
  • 2031b
    Work envelope:  2.00m x 3.10m (6.6ft x 10.7ft)
  • 4020b
    Work envelope:  4.00m x 2.00m (13.1ft x 6ft)



Accuracy (+/-)
0.005" inch per 3' feet at 68° ± 3°F
(± 0.127 mm per 1M at 20° ± 3°C)

Repeatability (+/-)
0.0025" inch at 68° ± 3°F
(0.0635 mm at 20° ± 3°C) 

Speed Range
Up to 400 ipm

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